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I used to be excited about the future. Let's bring that back.
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My name is Danilo Campos.

At seven years old, exploring a Macintosh SE changed my life forever.

Nominally, I’m a software developer, interface designer and technical generalist. I’ve worked for more than a decade building mobile software for startups.

But this career is an accident of a single obsession: the future. A strange set of life circumstances forced me to develop reflexes for constantly modeling, projecting and understanding events that haven’t happened yet.

Still, there’s no magic here. While I’m good at what I do, I’ve also been wrong. A childhood in love with technology blinded me to how a confluence of technological, political and economic forces could lead us into a dark future.

The present we inhabit is complicated. I use this space to balance my optimism and wonder for tomorrow against all the hard lessons of yesterday. I hope that somewhere in between is a wise and fruitful path forward.

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